The 102nd Hunger Games acted as both a prequel and a english project for mysims, it involved tributes based on people in his class, ranked on popularity from 1-12. 1 being exceptionally popular, 12 being no one knows your name. This game is still on going and the winner has not been revealed. Although, according to the prolouge, either Kat MacCoran or Alex Donaque is the victor.


District Male Tribute Female Tribute
District 1 AJ Bananan Rachel Edmond
District 2 Danny Edger Katie Dobanar
District 3 Jake Hunted Kat MacCoran
District 4 Mike Rass Ally Black
District 5 Malcom Anderson Allison Callans
District 6 David Kaldon Jessi Gray
District 7 Cameron McDoulgas Lacy Baggs
District 8 Ash McNorwood Claire Karr
District 9 Alex Donaque Cara McVough
District 10 Matt Andrews Mary Draghorn
District 11 Peter Johnson Bella McGrapes
District 12 Jamie Polo Annie Starreri


These games are only at the reaping stage, so no one knows the death order, however we do know that AJ Bananan comes in 4th and Cara McVough comes in 3rd.

24th-5th: Unknown tributes

4th: AJ Bananan-District 1

3rd: Cara McVough

2nd: Kat MacCoran/Alex Donaque

1st: Kat MacCoran/Alex Donaque


Train Ride (AJ, Kat and Alex only!)Edit

Chariots (Rachel, Allison and Cara only!)Edit

Training (Group)Edit

Training (Personal)Edit

Interviews (AJ, Rachel, Kat, Allison, Alex and Cara only!)Edit

Games (AJ, Rachel, Kat, Allison, Alex and Cara only!)Edit


  • Malcom Anderson (5) and Matt Andrews (10) have the same intials and due to a mistake made by the author, they are both based on the same person.
  • District 1, 2, 3 and 4 are all considered automatically Careers instead of just 1, 2 and 4.