It was not as well recieved by the Capitol as the 103rd Games due to the 2 victors. Though it was still the 4th most viewed games after the 103rd, 107th, 106th and 105th.


There was the normal number of tributes, 24. 8 died in the bloodbath this year and it was a very fast games, lasting only three days.

District Male Tribute Female Tribute
District 1 Garnet DeMoir Cassie Mortimer
District 2 Harry Watters Summer Harriet
District 3 Henlifei Foxeye Debbie Lou
District 4 Alexander Earheart Hylen Janerose
District 5 Jason Green Katrina Piper
District 6 Apollo Mays Constance Bowerboom
District 7 Ares West Brielle Jones
District 8 Sebastian Klein Jackie-Dana Gerling
District 9 Nick Fireheart Ellie Bree
District 10 Ryan Evans Oliviara "Livi" Jao
District 11 Winter De Doldon Lauren Hill
District 12 Cody Columbus Katelynn Huxley